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Pens, pencils, styluses, and highlighters.
Take your vision to the next level with an unmatched range of writing utensils.

Scribble. Jot. Brainstorm. Create
Tap into endless possibilities with the tip of a pen.

Make it fun and colorful
or elegant and professional.

Spector and Co.’s vast array of options lets you customize your brand with styles and colors for every business.

Ideas can hit at any moment.

Spector and Co.’s durable materials and carefully-crafted pens will leave you with products you can depend on—no matter where you are. Pens that work, with longevity you can see.

Small but mighty!

Customize it anyway you want .

These gadgets will leave a bold and lasting impression with our high quality material and vivid printing.


Harness the power—with class.

Customization is key in originality! We let you personalize our products to the max.

Mini and on-the-go! Plastic push-action pens are the perfect solution for nomadic artists and busy workers. A perfect solution that fits right in your pocket!

Craftsmanship that you can see. The Surewrite rollerball pen offers a premium writing experience. Made in Germany, the elegant writing utensil captures the finest of details with its .7mm point and firm design.

Customize it anyway you want. Keep it sleek and simple with our I128 GLACIO PEN/STYLUS Anodized aluminum push-action pen with a soft capacitive stylus pen.