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What is Hot Stamped?

A long-standing imprint that will present your brand with a smooth finish.

Hot Stamped—also known as Foil Stamping—is a branding technique in which inks or coloured foils are transferred onto materials at high temperatures. The cool, metallic effect of the designs often exalt a business into shimmering luxury.


Useful features:

  • A flexible process that can be used on papers, plastic, leather, rubber, and more
  • Luxurious aesthetic
  • High-levels of lasting durability

A prestigious look laced with durability and sophistication.

Take advantage of our full coverage option for a bold and lively look.

Keeping it classy doesn’t mean keeping it dull. This technique will make your brand shine.

Bring the right amount of attention to your brand.

Mix and match, this technique will look good on any of your belongings.