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Create your own unique brand designs!

What is Brandshield?

Keep your brand looking sharp and modern with this polished technique.

BrandShield is type of patch used popularly on bags, jackets, and various other clothing. The design is digitally created and printed onto a metallic sheet before bring embossed by a press. From there, the shield is sown into a piece of clothing.


Useful features:

  • The unique metallic finish makes your brand stand out
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • High-quality needlework

Your brand should be 100% your own! Choose your thread color, solid colors, mixed colors or add a textured pattern!

What do you want? A unique brand. Where do you want it? Everywhere, of course.
This versatile technique allows you to have your brand on a variety of fabrics.

Branding fit for all your daily activities

Get your brand to stand out at any event with this vivid technique.

Monochromatic isn’t for the daring. Take it up a notch with these colorful metallic tones.